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Sharon began her career in healthcare by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy and an associate course in Acupuncture. Shortly thereafter she opened her own private practice in South Africa where she concentrated in orthopedics for the first 15 years, assisting clients in attaining pain relief and regaining function following injury or surgery. 


Sharon immigrated to the USA in 2000 where she studied CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Reiki and Structural Integration techniques. The techniques and mindset attained in these teachings have enriched and broadened her treatment philosophy. She now enjoys practicing as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist combining her 32 years of varied experience in bodywork.

Clients value her background in Physical Therapy, her compassionate approach and her belief that the whole physical body, mind and spirit are important partners in healing.


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